Attentive service - customer satisfaction

Pay attention to customer needs and meet customer needs

our commitment
Provide customers with reliable power products, efficient system configuration solutions, reasonable prices, and high-quality services
Service philosophy
Meet customer needs and create value for customers
service response
24-hour online one-to-one after-sales service engineer, you can also conduct sales and other consultations through online consultation or contact your sales consultant
Service Process
R & D design
Scheme configuration
sales guide
Installation guide
After-sales maintenance
pre-saling support
R&D and design:take customer needs as the goal of R&D and design, and tailor-made high-quality power products for customers
Product manufacturing:all-round high-quality assurance measures and all-round monitoring methods to ensure first-class product quality
consultation service:
a. Preliminary consultation, through online contact information, to understand the needs of customers, to ensure the feasibility of the project,
and to recommend suitable machinery and equipment

b. System design We will design the system based on the user's initial needs and provide a budget
Follow up on sale
Intimate greetings: maintain good communication with customers and pay attention to whether customers need further assistance
Installation and maintenance: Provide relevant drawings and technical information to assist customers in the smooth installation, commissioning and correct use of equipment
Installation and maintenance:technical service engineers can provide free training and guidance on system-related knowledge, daily use and maintenance of equipment
After-sales service
Troubleshooting: Quickly diagnose equipment faults and propose feasible solutions
Equipment maintenance: During the warranty period, the equipment will be repaired free of charge; outside the warranty period, only reasonable maintenance costs
will be charged according to the failure and damage
Opinion collection:listen carefully to and summarize customer feedback, continue to improve, improve product performance and service levels
Warranty Terms and Policies
1. Products to which this clause applies:
      The company's inverters, controllers, integrated inverters, solar water pumps, UPS, EPS, batteries, wind turbines,
photovoltaic modules, and other accessories.
(Note: The company's customized products are not covered by this warranty, and the contract shall prevail.)
2. This clause applies only to the territory of the People's Republic of China, excluding Hong Kong, Macau Special Administrative Region,
Taiwan region and other countries and regions.
3. In principle, the warranty certificate uses the product serial number (S/N) as the warranty period confirmation certificate.
The start time of the product warranty period is calculated from the date of delivery, plus a 30-day turnaround period (stock, delivery to the receiving place) Time required),
if there is a clear arrival time, it will be calculated from the date when the goods arrive at the place designated by the buyer.
4. The customer must properly keep the invoice or payment receipt issued for the purchase of the product (purchase record on the online platform),
and the above certificate must be presented as the basis for warranty during maintenance.
5. Logistics service:
1) Within three months of the warranty period, the product can be returned to the factory for free maintenance, and the round-trip freight is borne by the company;
2) The warranty period is more than three months, the product can be returned to the factory for free maintenance, and the round-trip freight shall be borne by both parties;
3) The freight for out-of-warranty products shall be borne by the customer.
6. Warranty commitment:
1) The company provides a domestic after-sales service hotline: 0755-28369229, which provides instant answer services for problems arising from the use of the company's products;
2) Installation and commissioning: generally do not provide on-site installation services; on-site installation supervision and start-up commissioning services can be provided for projects that have an agreement with customers;
3) Product warranty period and warranty method commitment: The company customizes the warranty period and warranty method according to the type and specification of the product, as shown in the following table:
product type Name/Specification Warranty period Warranty Remark
Inverters, Controllers, Hybrid Inverters   one year Return to the factory for maintenance, spare machine replacement Remote technical services are available
PV punp   one year Return to the factory for maintenance, spare machine replacement
Wind Turbines   one year Return to the factory for maintenance, spare machine replacement
UPS/EPS   three year On-site maintenance, parts replacement
Battery <24AH one year  Return to the factory for maintenance, spare parts replacement
≧24AH three year
PV modules <275W five year Spare replacement
≦275W ten year Spare replacement
Other accessories   one year Spare replacement


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