Solar Off Grid System

Solar Off Grid System
system introduction:
The solar off-grid system is a power generation system that does not rely on the grid and operates independently. The electricity generated by the solar panel flows into
the battery through the controller and is stored. When it is necessary to supply power to electrical appliances.
  The DC power in the battery is converted into AC power by the inverter to drive the load to work. It is suitable for remote areas without power grid, isolated islands, fishing boats, field workstations, etc.
It can also be used as emergency power generation equipment in areas with unstable power. The crystal standard utility power complementary off-grid power generation system can realize
the working mode of hybrid power supply of utility power and solar power.
   Among them, the solar power is given priority. When the solar power supply is insufficient, it can be automatically switched to the mains, almost zero switching, without affecting the load operation.
System advantages:
(1) Completely disconnected from the grid, independent power supply, suitable for areas with unstable power, inconvenient wiring and no electricity!
(2) A complete set of equipment, pre-installed in the factory, no need for welding on site, easy installation!
(3) Complementary with the mains, 0 switching, does not affect the load work, the computer does not shut down!


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