Solar Hybrid System

Solar Hybrid System
system introduction:
   The solar off-grid system mainly solves the problem that when the grid is normal, the inverter switches to grid-connected power generation mode to feed solar energy to the grid. When the grid is abnormal,The inverter will automatically perform anti-islanding detection and switch to off-grid power generation mode, and the inverter will continue to store photovoltaic energy in the battery, which can operate independently and supply power to the load normally.
  In this way, it can prevent the shortcoming that the photovoltaic cannot perform normal power generation due to the abnormality of the grid in the separate grid-connected mode.
System advantages:
1. It can be operated independently off-grid, or can be connected to the grid for power generation.
2. Unattended and maintenance-free, all certifications are complete.
3. The customer base is extensive and can be used in various industries.



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