JIRI 10KW off-grid solar power generation system photovoltaic off-grid power generation system emergency power supply

Advantages and Features:
1. Adopt power frequency energy-saving inverter, pure sine wave output, voltage stabilization and frequency stabilization, to protect electrical appliances.
2. The inverter has its own isolation transformer, which is anti-interference, anti-impact, strong load capacity, stable and reliable.
3. High-performance A-level solar panels, stable power generation, low attenuation, small cracks, and high conversion rate.
4. Intelligent mode design, three modes are adjustable (mains priority, battery priority, energy saving mode).
5. Intelligent LCD display, which can check the system running status and set parameters in real time.
6. Undervoltage, high voltage, overload, high temperature, short circuit and other protection functions, safe electricity use.
7. Equipped with a special lightning protection confluence device for photovoltaics to ensure safety, the wiring harness is not chaotic, and the maintenance is convenient.
8. Photovoltaic special bracket, rust-proof and stable, designed according to the best inclination in different regions.
9. Battery parameters can be set and unattended, compatible with lithium batteries.
10. It can be combined with commercial power, diesel (gas) engine power generation and other mixed power supply.
11. The whole system is complete and easy to install.


Solar panels
● Multi-busbar design can effectively reduce the risk of cracks and broken grids
● The new generation of single crystal series products achieve high power output by reducing resistance loss
● The outdoor operating temperature and hot spot temperature of the half-piece structural module are low, and under the shade,less loss;
● The use of anti-ash and easy-to-clean coated glass has high power generation efficiency in the later period.
● Large-size cell design improves the performance of photovoltaic modules by an average of 7%,reduce the cost of electricity for customers;
● Components perform well under extreme (temperature, load, shock) conditions,
● Good low light performance (morning, evening, cloudy) verified by authoritative third-party testing
● Positive tolerance of output power ensures that customers can obtain higher output power than conventional warranty.
● 100% EL test before and after lamination, 100% EL test on the finished product, providing higher quality assurance.


Solar low frequency inverter
● Adopt EI type isolation transformer, stable performance, pure sine wave output, low interference,Strong impact resistance;
● Special static switch design, zero switching of working state, no interruption of output;
● Intelligent mode design, three modes are adjustable (mains priority, battery priority,energy saving mode);
● With mains complementary, mains charging, UPS functions, mains charging current is adjustable;
● Wide mains voltage input, stable voltage and frequency output to protect electrical appliances;
● Support diesel (gasoline) generator, can adapt to harsh power environment;
● Multiple protection functions such as undervoltage, high voltage, overload, high temperature, short circuit, etc.protect electricity safety;
● Intelligent LCD display, which can check the running status and set parameters in real time;
● Imported IGBT module design, simple design, more stable performance,24 hours long-term start-up work;
● Optional built-in PWM/MPPT solar controller;
● Battery parameters can be set, compatible with lithium batteries, and unattended can be set.


Solar MPPT Controller
● Advanced MPPT tracking algorithm, tracking efficiency up to 99%,
      Compared with ordinary PWM algorithm, the power generation efficiency can be improved by about 20%;
● LCD graphic and text display photovoltaic power generation data to simulate the power generation process;
● Ultra-wide photovoltaic input voltage range, system configuration is more convenient;
● Intelligent battery management function, prolong battery life;
● Optional RS485 communication interface to facilitate unified integration and management of users.



Solar gel battery
● Colloid use state: the sealing reaction efficiency is greater than 99.9%;
● Small self-discharge electrode: can be stored for a long time with electricity for up to two years (20℃).The time is 4 times that of ordinary batteries, and it can be put into operation immediately without supplementary power;
● Low water loss rate: the water loss rate is only half of that of ordinary batteries,Effectively relieve the electrolyte from drying up early;
● Ultra-long service life: the design life is more than 12 years, saving expenses;
● Excellent deep discharge cycle performance: especially for cycle use, 100% Deep discharge cycle, life span of more than 500 times, much higher than ordinary batteries,Effectively improve system reliability;
● Excellent recovery performance after over-discharge: the over-discharge voltage "0"V can still recover well;After 21 days of discharge at 1CA, the battery recovery capacity reaches 100%;
● Wide application environment: can be used in the temperature range of -40℃~60℃,The performance greatly exceeds that of ordinary batteries.



battery cabinet
● The battery cabinet is made of high-quality cold steel tie plate with good mechanical properties.Large bearing capacity, compact and reasonable structure, and strong interchangeability;
● Beautiful appearance, fully open structure, convenient and flexible installation and maintenance;
● Appearance spray, soft light, wear-resistant, anti-corrosion;
● Good fire resistance, insulation and durability, make the whole solar energy the system security performance is improved.



PV combiner box
● Outdoor rainproof design
● Reduce the connection lines between PV modules and inverters, which is convenient for maintenance,Reduce costs and improve safety and reliability;
● The single-channel photovoltaic array is added with high-voltage fuse protection and counterattack protection;
● Anti-reverse current protection, when there is no sun at night, the battery power flows back to the solar panel,Protect solar panels from damage;
● The high-voltage lightning protection device for photovoltaics makes the safety performance of the whole system great.greatly improved;
● Photovoltaic high-voltage circuit breaker control output, easy to manage the entire solar system It is convenient for maintenance when a circuit failure occurs.



Photovoltaic bracket
● Fewer installation parts, highly pre-installed in the factory, no need for any on-site cutting Or drilling, welding-free, greatly reducing your on-site installation time;
● Flexible panel installation, both horizontal and vertical rows can be easily implemented;
● The whole system adopts aluminum alloy, stainless steel fittings, hot-dip galvanized steel,Outstanding anti-corrosion and anti-rust ability for outdoor use;
● The grounding methods are flexible and diverse, and the cement foundation,Cement column, U-shaped channel steel, inclined surface hook or screw ground pile;
● High-density structural design makes more rational use of space;



Solar System Wiring
● The wiring of the whole system has pre-processed the interface, and the installation only needs to be plugged and unplugged.Tighten the screws, no need to purchase spare parts;
● The RV terminal interface is treated with tin immersion to prevent falling off, and at the same time greatly improve the electrical conductivity,Reduce line loss
● Special photovoltaic adapter, waterproof level IP67;
● Special photovoltaic cable, after special irradiation treatment, can be used outdoors for 25 years above.


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